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Section 2 Result for the year

1. Revenue

In the following table, revenues are broken down into a combination of transport type and geographic area.

2. Personnel expenses

The average workforce was as follows.

3. Depreciation, amortisation and impairments

For information on impairments of non-current assets, please refer to note 14.

4. Use of raw materials, consumables and inventories

5. Own capitalised production

The own capitalised production in 2019 of €147 million (2018: €154 million) refers mainly to the refurbishment of trains.

6. Subcontracted work and other external costs

The costs of subcontracted work are the costs relating to the execution of assignments by third parties that are not covered by the other items in this category.

7. Infrastructure levies and franchise fees

The infrastructure levies and franchise fees for the railways in the United Kingdom include an amount of €18 million (2018: €41 million) relating to the mechanism of Central London Employment (CLE), as included in the Greater Anglia franchise

8. Other operating expenses

‘Other operating expenses’ include insurance, accommodation costs, costs of fixtures and fittings, auditor’s fees, marketing costs, maintenance costs for operating assets and additions to provisions.

9. Income tax

Corporation tax is calculated based on the applicable tax rates in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany, taking into account the tax rules that give rise to permanent differences between the determination of the profit for

10. Deferred income tax

The changes in deferred tax assets and liabilities are as follows.