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Abellio Rail Baden-Württemberg GmbH

The company is located in Stuttgart. On June 9th 2019, the first phase and on December 8th 2019, the second phase of operations in STN were set into operation. As already described, the manufacturer Bombardier was only able to deliver a very small number of the 52 ordered trains to Baden-Württemberg, so that several replacement concepts had to be put in place and implemented using third-party vehicles. Passengers and stakeholders were patient with Abellio for a few months after the start of the franchise. However, since Bombardier was still unable to deliver, passenger complaints increased and the PTA, politics and the media reported on a bumpy start of the network.
Additionally, a three-track workshop with a total length of 120 meters and train storage sidings for Stuttgarter Netz is built in Pforzheim. This city in Baden-Württemberg near Stuttgart has a long standing train tradition and is ideally located within the route network. At the end of 2019 the new employees were able to start their work in the new workshop.

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