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Customer satisfaction on the main rail network

Performance indicator

Realisation in 2019

Realisation in 2018

Minimum value for 2019

Target value for 2019

General customer satisfaction with the domestic main rail network





In 2019, passengers were highly satisfied with our performance on the main rail network. Despite the sharp growth in passenger numbers and more crowded trains, 89% of passengers gave a score of 7 out of 10 or higher, compared with 86% in 2018. Passengers are particularly satisfied with our good operational performance, such as high seat availability and punctuality for passengers. Other important contributors to customer satisfaction include cleanliness on the trains, station experience and seamless travel. Despite the slight fall in seat availability at peak hours, satisfaction among the passengers concerned has actually slightly improved. This can be explained by the better quality of information about crowded trains, enabling passengers to determine more easily what train to take. The improved information also encourages passengers to spread more evenly within trains, and ensures that the crowding as perceived by passengers is more in keeping with the crowding they expected. The overall customer satisfaction score is determined by a range of service factors. For an overview of those factors, see the online page on overall customer satisfaction.

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