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The train experience

Train experience monitor


Train journey


88% (2018: 86%)

89% (2018: 87%)


86% (2018: 84%)

89% (2018: 86%)

Every year, the Train Experience Monitor measures the scores that 30,000 passengers give for the quality of the train during their journey. The monitor helps us improve our services to passengers. Passengers’ scores for Intercity trains improved, due to the influx of modernised rolling stock (VIRMm1). In 2019, 88% of our passengers gave a score of 7 out of 10 or higher for Intercity trains, compared to 86% in 2018. Scores for Sprinter trains also rose: from 84% in 2018 to 86% in 2019, largely due to the introduction of new SNG-type Sprinter trains.

Clean trains

Passengers expect our trains to be clean. Over the past three years, passengers' assessments of train cleanliness have improved. Last year, 70% of passengers gave the cleanliness of trains a score of 7 out of 10 or higher, compared with 68% in 2018. This is due in part to our efforts to improve the cleaning concept and reduce the number of trains in service that have not been cleaned. We have also improved collaboration between the partners in the chain, such as logistics, service and maintenance companies and cleaning agencies. Nevertheless, the number of trains in service that have not been cleaned is falling slower than it should. As the rail network is very busy, it is not always possible to clean a particular train at the scheduled time and location – despite the fact that cleaning is a full-fledged control parameter in our maintenance and service processes. We have therefore selected this issue once again as one of our priorities for 2020. We have raised the cleanliness standards for the interior of our trains and, in 2019, successfully completed the European tendering procedure for interior cleaning of trains on the main rail network. Implementation is progressing according to schedule. In addition, we have launched a programme to fight graffiti.
Passengers can provide feedback on the cleanliness of our trains using the NS App. Urgent complaints are dealt with immediately, and we always respond to individual passenger feedback.

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