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NS uses cookies on its websites. Cookies are small text files. When you visit NS websites, small text files are stored on your peripheral equipment (computer, tablet, etc.), or files that NS previously stored may be accessed again. Many of the cookies – ones known as functional session cookies – are used to make your visit to the site go smoothly. Cookies may for instance be used for delivering services or saving settings. These cookies are used primarily to analyse your website visit. For instance, we look at the numbers of visitors who go to our website, the length of the visits and the order in which they visit the pages. We also analyse which of the website pages need to be modified. The information that is gathered allows us to optimise our websites. Secondly, these cookies are used for resolving any problems there might be in the websites. Google Analytics is used for collecting data from these cookies. IP addresses are made anonymous so that the data collected cannot be traced back to individual users.

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