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Moving jobs

If organisational developments have consequences for staff, NS ensures they receive assistance from an early stage in finding new employment within or outside NS. We do this to prevent redundancies among employees as much as possible. In 2019, the majority of the redundant employees found new suitable jobs within the period during which they received assistance. NS provides such guidance to staff not just as an anticipatory job mobility measure for redundant employees, but also in connection with re-integration and outplacement. The majority of re-integrating staff eventually return to NS either in their own (possibly adapted) job or in another capacity.
In addition, we focus on proactive career development for our staff. In that context, in 2019 we launched the Z!N New Style Career Coaching initiative, the purpose of which is to empower people and let them take control of their personal development and the development of their careers. Over 500 employees applied for participation of their own accord.
NS is also encouraging mobility by, for example, organising ‘orientation days’ and ‘development positions’ for staff. During one such orientation day, for example, employees were introduced to the work of their colleagues in the logistics domain. Employees in development positions spend three months gaining experience in a different working environment, further developing individually and investigating whether a career step in the chosen direction is an option.

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