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Punctuality on HSL South

Performance indicator

Realisation in 2019

Realisation in 2018

Minimum value for 2019

Target value for 2019

Punctuality for passengers on HSL South





Punctuality for passengers on HSL South to 5 minutes was 83.4% in 2019, nearly one percentage point higher than in 2018 (82.5%). Together with its partners in operations, NS made a great effort to streamline collaboration. This has reduced the time it takes for stranded trains to resume their journey or, if that proves impossible, to remove them from the track.
Due to a software error in late 2018 and early 2019, punctuality for passengers initially was below the minimum value. A software update in March 2019 served to remedy the error; performance has strongly improved since then. In addition, we introduced planning amendments, ensured extra attention and training for staff and launched a new protocol for stranded trains. In 2019, we installed inspection cameras in changeover sections (sections of the overhead contact lines where a train changes over to a different voltage) at Hoofddorp and Zevenbergschenhoek, which helped to reduce inspection times. We also took preventive measures to alleviate nuisance caused by swans. In addition, we started a study into the removal or relocation of two changeover sections that caused relatively many trains to strand. We also set up an ERTMS test lab so as to be able to test trains without having to use operational infrastructure. Finally, as part of the ERTMS programme we are examining how the roll-out of ERTMS on the main rail network impacts the transition to HSL South. These studies continue beyond 2019.
NS and ProRail are making every possible effort to ensure optimum performance on HSL South. In 2020, we will continue the HSL South Improvement Programme. Special attention for HSL South has also been firmly anchored in NS's management structure.

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