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An improved station experience

NS is making every effort to ensure that the station and surrounding area offer a pleasant and welcoming environment for passengers, visitors and the inhabitants of the town or city concerned. NS Stations is responsible for the day-to-day running of the stations. It also acts as a property and area developer. The passenger’s experience and ease of changing trains are the central focus in our approach. NS Stations offers a range of services at the stations, depending on their size, to ensure visitors have a pleasant stay and can make the most of their time. To that end, we provide approachable and welcoming staff, journey information for all modes of public transport, excellent accessibility and easy transfers to bus, tram, underground and bicycle facilities. In 2019, the upward trend in customer satisfaction nationwide with stations continued, with the proportion of those giving a score of 7 out of 10 or higher increasing to 77% (2018: 76%). The major stations received a score of 80% in 2019 while smaller stations scored 69%. Heerlen station, which was only completed recently, saw the sharpest increase in satisfaction scores: from 41.5% to 80.6%, thanks to refurbishment of the station and new facilities, and the surrounding area.







Customer satisfaction survey on stations






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