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Annual report 2019

2019 in a nutshell

Rail travel is popular. Passengers are satisfied and their numbers are growing. In 2019, NS managed to continue the good results achieved in 2018.

Our contributions to Dutch society

As a provider of sustainable mobility, NS is committed each and every day to making Dutch society healthier and more sustainable.

Foreword by the CEO

The Netherlands is facing a far-reaching climate and energy transition and several major challenges in the fields of housing construction and increasing mobility.

Our strategy

Our product and the associated achievements are built on foundations incorporating over 180 years of knowledge and experience.

How NS adds value to society

Each year, NS provides sustainable mobility to 10.7 million passengers in the Netherlands. In doing so, we contribute to the accessibility and economic development of cities and regions, and to achieving the Dutch climate goals.

The profile of NS

People want to be able to travel quickly, safely, conveniently and at any time. NS is helping to make that possible. We provide a broad range of services that go beyond just the train.

Our trains

Every working day, NS runs more than 5,000 Sprinter and Intercity trains to provide over 1.3 million train journeys. NS is investing in the purchasing, refurbishment and upgrading of trains, largely in response to growing passenger numbers.

About the scope of this report

NS is based in the Netherlands and has a single, Dutch shareholder, the Dutch State.

Results for 2019

Over the course of 2019, NS prepared for the government's midterm review of our performance during the first half of the franchise period (2015-2019).

Customer satisfaction

To provide a high-quality passenger experience, three core needs of passengers must be satisfied: planning control, the freedom to make one's own choices, and a feeling of being appreciated.

Customer satisfaction on the main rail network

In 2019, passengers were highly satisfied with our performance on the main rail network. Despite the sharp growth in passenger numbers and more crowded trains, 89% of passengers gave a score of 7 out of 10 or higher, compared with 86% in 2018.

Customer satisfaction on HSL South

At the end of 2019, an average weekday would see approximately 270 trains on HSL South, which is more than agreed in the transport franchise. As such, HSL South is an important part of the Dutch and international rail network.

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