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Development of station areas

A world-class station requires a world-class environment; an area that accommodates passengers and their need for transport for the 'first and last mile' of their journey, as well as urban functions for all those who use the area – including residents, employees, leisure visitors and students. Redevelopment and densification of station areas will help to promote the use of public transport as a logical choice, thereby relieving pressure on other infrastructure.
In 2019, we allocated a parcel of land adjacent to Den Haag HS under a ground lease to a property developer. There are plans for a building there that incorporates homes, offices, retail outlets and catering facilities. Combined with the extended passenger tunnel and the new station square, this will result in a wholly new urban area in front of Hollands Spoor station. In Zwolle, NS Stations signed a partnership agreement for the redevelopment of the station area. In Roosendaal, NS Stations has joined forces with the local authorities to develop a vision for the area next to the station square in the centre of the town, while in Ouder-Amstel we are participating in the formulation of a vision for the development of a new urban district near Duivendrecht station.

Building over the tracks

The technique of building over the railway tracks offers an opportunity to alleviate the shortage of urban space while also creating accessible residential areas near the railway stations. In July 2019, NS signed declarations of intent for Utrecht CS and Amsterdam Sloterdijk with the partners concerned.
In collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht, the Central Government Real Estate Agency and ProRail, we are examining possibilities to accommodate new homes, offices, energy generation facilities or green spaces through the more effective utilisation of space around and above the tracks, and how such structures over the tracks can help to remove barriers between city districts.
As far as Amsterdam Sloterdijk is concerned, NS, ProRail, the municipality of Amsterdam and Vervoerregio Amsterdam have expressed their ambition to create a modern station that is ready for the future. The four parties will soon start an exploratory study. NS is interested to find out whether the proceeds from the structure over the tracks can help finance the optimisation of the rest of the station. By mid-2020, the development strategy will be finalised and follow-up steps can be made.

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