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Leadership at NS

Leaders at NS operate in an organisation and context that are in a permanent state of flux. To help them drive the organisation forward and contribute to good results for the company, we are keen to assist them in developing their leadership skills. In 2019, we used the new profile for managerial roles as a blueprint for leadership development among our top 50 most senior managers. Most of them participated in a 360-degree reflection exercise and received both individual and team-based coaching. We also continued to pay as much attention as ever to promoting the current managers and preparing the managers of the future. We have already identified potential successors for staff in key positions for the short and long term, and we conduct a succession planning review three times a year. In doing so, we aim to increase diversity in our top 200 and succession planning strategy. Of the top 50 job vacancies at NS in 2019, 72% were filled by internal candidates.

Leadership development

Employees who are able and willing to advance to managerial roles can count on us to provide tailor-made assistance and in-company leadership development programmes. For example, we concluded the CAP programme for a group of 17 prospective managers. Of these individuals, six took a follow-up step during the programme. Ninety percent of participants were able to achieve their personal development goals through the programme. A new group of 20 candidates has now started the tailor-made programme, defining the steps they need to take as managers. In 2019, a total of 31 new trainees took part in the trainee programmes for operational management, IT, and technology; an increase of 40% compared with 2018.

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