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Our trains

Every working day, NS runs more than 5,000 Sprinter and Intercity trains to provide over 1.3 million train journeys. NS is investing in the purchasing, refurbishment and upgrading of trains, largely in response to growing passenger numbers. Proven technology, sustainability and convenience for passengers have the highest priority. Passengers enjoy more seating and experience greater comfort as the availability of trains has increased.

New and upgraded rolling stock

The investment in the procurement and upgrading of rolling stock totals €3.8 billion for the period up to and including 2024.

Upgrading Intercity trains

NS will be upgrading a total of 80 double-decker train sets (VIRMm1) with 415 carriages in a project to be completed in 2020. Most of the upgraded trains – featuring comfortable seating, modern lighting, charging facilities for mobile equipment (in 1st class) and artworks – have already been taken into operation. The last of these trains is scheduled to leave the Haarlem workshop in 2020. In March 2018, NS announced the upgrade of another 45 double-decker trains of the VIRM 2/3 type. This involves 242 carriages with 24,500 seats. The first upgraded trains from this series will start running in 2021.

Upgraded Sprinter trains

The first upgraded Sprinter trains (SLT type) with wheelchair-accessible toilets and retractable steps were taken into operation in August 2018. The upgraded SLT also offers two designated sites for wheelchairs featuring a special emergency button, as well as tactile information for the visually impaired. The expectation is that all 131 train sets of this type will have been upgraded by the end of 2021. To provide extra comfort, in the first half of 2019 NS fitted all 35,000 seats in the 131 Sprinter trains with imitation leather upholstery.

New Sprinter trains

The first of the 206 new Sprinters (type SNG) ordered from Spanish train manufacturer CAR started running on 9 December 2018. In 2019, we introduced these trains in our timetable in a phased manner. The new Sprinter trains meet our passengers' wishes to ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey. They are transparent, open, attractive and energy-efficient, featuring Wi-Fi, wheelchair-accessible toilets, wall sockets, USB connections, leather seats, areas designated for bicycles and a floor-level entrance.

New Generation Intercity

NS will start operating the first New Generation Intercity trains in 2021. The first trains left the factory in 2019, and the process of testing, authorisation for use and staff training is now underway. These fast single-decker trains (maximum speed 200 km/h) are suitable for both the main rail network and the high-speed line. Offering 25,000 seats in total, these trains have everything passengers could want during their journey, including wheelchair-accessible toilets, Wi-Fi, journey information displays, separated waste collection, LED lighting with Intelligent Light Control, USB and electricity sockets in 1st and 2nd class, retractable steps for improved accessibility and extra baggage space. New Generation Intercity trains will be launched on the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Breda route in 2021, to be followed by services between The Hague and Eindhoven, which will run in part on the high-speed line. In 2019, NS ordered an additional 18 Intercity trains to extend the service to Belgium. By ordering a series of these trains now, NS will have a total of 20 new Intercity trains available from 2025, when the IC Direct and Intercity Brussels trains will reach the end of their useful lives. In addition to running on the domestic network, the new Intercity trains can also be used for services to Brussels, providing additional seating capacity for some 8,000 passengers.

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