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Stations undergoing renovations

On 31 August 2019, Heerlen station was officially opened after a seven-year renovation project. This was part of a complete make-over of the station area in Heerlen, with the Maankwartier district now offering an attractive combination of houses, businesses and shops, partly built over the tracks. Heerlen station now also includes a Station Living Room, inviting both NS and Arriva passengers to spend more time at the station.
At the end of May we opened a new passageway for cyclists and pedestrians near Zaandam station. This new passage, which is built over the tracks, connects the eastern and western parts of the city. We also upgraded the station, built a new entrance area and new shops have been opened.

In 2019, renovation projects were being carried out at 14 stations, including Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Zuid, Maastricht, Rotterdam Alexander and Den Haag HS. Spring 2019 saw the launch of a project to restore the monumental central station of Maastricht. The building is receiving a new layout with better facilities while historic elements are being restored. The old visitors' hall, currently in use by NS, will be transformed into a Grand Café. Once the project is completed, passengers will find a station with more facilities, more light and more space. Another historic station that is being renovated is Naarden-Bussum. This station is receiving a new P+R area, expanded bicycle parking facilities and a renovated entrance area on its western side.
The renovation of the central hall of Amsterdam Amstel station began after the summer of 2019, as part of the overall redevelopment of the station and its surrounding area. The southern part of the station area in Gouda will be renovated over the next few years. The project includes two new bicycle parking facilities, a new bus station, more space for cyclists and public transport, widened pavements, a high-quality pedestrian route to the city centre and sustainable green elements in the overall design.

During certain periods of a renovation programme, the quality and atmosphere of stations may be less than the required standard, taxing our passengers' patience and understanding. We try to minimise inconvenience through targeted communication and effective signposting, but unfortunately we cannot avoid it altogether.

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