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NS invested €769 million in 2019 (2018: €898 million), for example in New Generation Sprinter trains including a follow-up order, New Generation Intercity trains, the overhaul and modernisation of VIRM1 trains and changes to maintenance centres to facilitate the maintenance of new rolling stock. NS made joint investments with ProRail in the stations of Amsterdam-Zuid, Rotterdam Alexander and Zaandam, among others. NS is also increasingly investing in IT solutions. One strategic pillar is the transition to a data-driven organisation. This is realised in the form of a multi-year programme that provides for investments in the new data foundations on the one hand, and in data applications for e.g. logistics, personnel and passengers on the other. One example is the 'seat searcher' that gives passengers real-time information about the level of crowdedness and seat availability in the train. In addition, NS is running several long-term programmes to replace legacy systems by modern applications that provide for more agility and NS's applications landscape. For example, NS has successfully completed the replacement of the old logistics adjustment system – a critical application for our operations. We use real-time monitoring to read data from on-board sensors to help us prevent technical failures in trains at an early stage. In Apeldoorn we conducted a trial with a smart lock for public transport bicycles, in which passengers who rented a public transport bicycle could unlock it using their OV-chipkaart. The 'Use your bank card to pay public transport fares' pilot in Leiden and The Hague was also completed successfully. NS is now preparing the roll-out of a system that allows passengers to check in and out of public transport using their bank cards or mobile phones. Moreover, the introduction of NS Flex has made it possible for consumers to travel on account.

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