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Care for the privacy of our passengers and staff

For NS, the privacy of passengers and staff is more than just a mandatory regulation. We have defined four principles that take priority when processing personal data: ‘Transparent’, ‘Safe with NS’, ‘Choice and control’ and ‘Innovative and open’. To safeguard compliance with privacy laws, NS has set up a privacy structure and privacy governance system and is devoting considerable attention to improving and securing processes.
Privacy training and awareness has our constant attention, as reflected in a range of compulsory e-learning modules, various training courses for teams of colleagues, an intranet page with extensive privacy-related information and frequently asked questions, and a periodic newsletter. In addition to pursuing initiatives to maximise awareness among our employees, we have appointed a number of ‘privacy champions': employees who receive extra training and serve as the eyes and ears of the Privacy Office within their respective business units. Together with the Data Protection Officer and the Privacy Officers, these privacy champions make up the privacy function within NS. This enables us to maintain short lines of communication between the business units and the privacy experts and to ensure an extensive network for privacy-related knowledge within NS as a whole.

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