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NS Group

Risk 6: IT reliability

Both operational and security requirements (the risk of cybercrime in particular) fuel a continual demand for further development of our IT systems.

Risk 7: Improvement capacity / agility

The risk is that the programmes to promote behavioural and cultural change do not deliver the desired result, or not in time, as a result of which NS is unable to realise the desired growth in the fields of safety, integrity and costs.

Risk 8: Staff shortages

The risk is that NS is confronted with staff shortages at points within its organisation where this may cause discontinuity in the implementation of crucial processes.

Risk 9: Inadequate operating result

The risk that, due to costs rising faster than revenues, NS fails to achieve the required return on investment.

Risk 10: Market regulation

The risk is that the government decides on a different set-up for market regulation of the rail sector, including the scope of the main rail network, HSL South, the approach to open access and the position of NS Stations after 2024, which would

Risk 11: NS’s investments abroad

There is a risk that NS’s investments abroad cost money rather than bringing in money.

NS and taxes

Taxes are the most important source of income for governments, which they use, among other things, to fund general facilities. These general facilities, such as the railway infrastructure, are vitally important to NS.

Organisational improvements

To be able to deliver good services, NS is developing into a decisive and results-oriented organisation with effective leadership. We attach great value to operating in accordance with the agreed norms and values.

Core values and Code of Conduct

NS upholds the following core values: we are open and reliable, we go for results and we want to get ahead. These values are the foundation of what we do and what passengers can expect from us.

Integrity & Compliance governance

Primary responsibility for integrity in business practices and regulatory compliance rests with the first line of defence (the operational business). This means that the business itself should decide and coordinate integrity and compliance policies.

Leadership at NS

Leaders at NS operate in an organisation and context that are in a permanent state of flux. To help them drive the organisation forward and contribute to good results for the company, we are keen to assist them in developing their leadership skills.

Care for the privacy of our passengers and staff

For NS, the privacy of passengers and staff is more than just a mandatory regulation. We have defined four principles that take priority when processing personal data: ‘Transparent’, ‘Safe with NS’, ‘Choice and control’ and ‘Innovative and open’.

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