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Organisational improvements

To be able to deliver good services, NS is developing into a decisive and results-oriented organisation with effective leadership. We attach great value to operating in accordance with the agreed norms and values.

Open and ethical culture

The conduct of NS’s employees in their day-to-day activities and the choices they make in their work are crucial to the integrity of the company. NS has for several years been working on a targeted programme to create a strong culture of openness and accountability in which employees feel free to discuss dilemmas, weigh up risks, make well-informed choices and learn from mistakes. We use a method that ensures that staff make balanced choices and act consciously, with proper understanding and enthusiasm. Additionally, NS has introduced a system that helps to make integrity and compliance risks within the organisation visible and manageable. The aim of all this is to have lasting safeguards ensuring integrity, desired behaviour and compliance within NS.

Striving for improvement

NS has the ambition to elevate integrity and compliance to a structurally higher level. We aspire to be a proactive organisation with an open and safe culture. To achieve that, we have to firmly anchor integrity and compliance within our operational management. In an effort to measure our progress in that regard, we performed maturity measurements of the integrity culture within NS on three occasions (in 2017, 2018 and 2019). These measurements show that NS has in recent years progressed to a more controlled approach of risks and issues surrounding integrity and compliance. Our knowledge and awareness of these topics have also increased across the entire organisation. Integrity and compliance issues that emerge from measurements, questions and reported cases are included in our decision-making and management processes in a more explicit manner. The aim is for this progress to continue and help us develop into a truly proactive organisation in the next few years.

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